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Stop Guessing. Start Scaling.

Scale Your Website with Profitable Social Media Marketing Ads

Scale Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Tiktok & more ad platforms with expert guidance.

How It Works


4. We Configure Tracking Events (Leads or Purchases)


2. We install Google Tag Manager


5. You start seeing which ad platforms or campaigns are profitable

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3. We install social media tracking pixels to your website


6. You scale your advertising budgets that are outperforming

How it Works

Stop Guessing. Start Scaling.

Start scaling your social media marketing campaigns with our expert insights. We can connect any social media platforms pixels to your backend and website.

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  • slack
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • google
  • wix
  • Pinterest
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Recent Work

Example #1

4,615 leads for $7.49 cost per lead in the month of October 2023 from one Facebook ad campaign!

2023-10-31 17_35_48-Ads Manager - Manage ads - Campaigns (1).png

More examples coming soon!

Our Clients

Why companies like McFarland Marketing?

"Thousands of leads are coming in after working with McFarland Marketing"

"COVID shutdowns cost our school dearly. Logan helped us rebound quickly. So many leads now we've hired more staff to handle the demand!"


Oliver Yi
COO at Cinema Makeup School

Using Mobile Phones

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