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Unlock Powerful New Marketing Capabilities with iOS 17

The launch of iOS 17 brings game-changing updates that all marketers need to know. This latest iOS release introduces new opportunities to drive engagement, attribution, personalization and more.

Equip yourself with an in-depth understanding of the marketing capabilities unlocked by iOS 17.

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More Robust Analytics and Attribution

iOS 17 includes a new attribution API that significantly improves the accuracy of measuring ad conversions and app install campaigns. By replacing previous mobile attribution models like last-click and first-click, marketers can now better evaluate true marketing ROI and fine-tune campaigns for optimal results.

The updated SKAdNetwork framework provides marketers aggregate data on overall ad campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, installs and other actions. However, SKAdNetwork does not allow access to any personal identifiers. These privacy-focused analytics empower marketers to optimize ad creatives, placements, audiences and budgets to boost campaigns.

Meanwhile, the App Tracking Transparency requirements enable tracking user activity and cohorts based on observed in-app behaviors and usage patterns, rather than individual user profiles. Marketers gain broader and more granular insights into in-app behaviors, popular content, user flows, drop-off points, and other analytics.

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Targeted Personalization

With iOS 17, marketers can serve up highly timely prompts, notifications and personalized experiences to customers based on their actions within an app. Marketing campaigns can be tailored to different user segments, identified by common usage characteristics and behaviors.

For example, location notifications can now be triggered based on an individual frequently visiting specific businesses, places or geographic areas. Store proximity alerts, geotargeted prompts and other contextual notifications provide a more seamless, personalized experience.

iOS 17 also introduces Contact Lookup, allowing users to share specific contact details with apps on a one-time basis. This enables more customized experiences based on context. At the same time, SharePlay API integration lets users co-experience media and apps with their contacts in FaceTime calls.

Increased User Control

Importantly, iOS 17 puts users in the driver’s seat when it comes to data privacy and transparency. Clear opt-ins are required from users before any identifier or other personal data tracking can occur. Users also have the ability to completely disable app tracking in their settings. This elevated focus on privacy builds user trust and engagement. Marketers willing to prioritize user choice are best positioned to thrive in iOS 17.

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6 Ways Marketers Can Conquer iOS 17 Tracking Changes

1. Lean into SKAdNetwork framework

  • Aggregate data still available through SKAdNetwork

  • Optimize ad campaigns based on impressions, clicks, conversions

  • Implement SDK support for SKAdNetwork 2.0

2. Shift focus to contextual signals

  • Target based on real-time context e.g. location, weather, time of day

  • Develop contextual creatives and messaging

3. Leverage first-party data

  • Build valuable first-party data with opt-ins

  • CRM tools to unify data across channels

  • Personalize experiences using rich first-party data

4. Test innovative approaches

  • Explore new measurement tools emerging for iOS 17

  • Evaluate options like measurment partner tags

  • A/B test new solutions and quantify value

5. Prioritize user trust

  • Respect user privacy choices and consent

  • Communicate transparency and control offerings

  • Build goodwill through excellent experiences

6. Use Our Google Analytics 4 solution to power your analytics

  • Be able to track real time conversion data

  • See exactly where conversions are coming from

Unlocking the Full Potential

The introduction of iOS 17 brings new possibilities for driving marketing growth. With our pulse on the latest iOS updates, our team can help you fully capitalize on new features with creative marketing strategies that deliver results while respecting user privacy. Let’s unlock the full potential of iOS 17 for your brand.

Contact us today to brainstorm how iOS 17 can transform your mobile marketing.

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