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Improving Local SEO Rankings through Review Generation and Management

For businesses trying to rank in local search results, reviews are becoming one of the most important ranking factors. Recent studies have shown that local reviews can greatly influence where a business shows up in local pack listings for location-based searches like "pizza places near me".

man and woman ordering pizza

So how can local businesses effectively generate more online reviews to boost their local SEO?

Here are 5 proven tactics explored in more depth:

1. Email customers asking for reviews

This is the most direct way to get more reviews. Identify recent customers from your CRM and email them asking if they'd leave an honest review of their experience. Offer an incentive like a discount on their next purchase if needed. Personalize each email and focus on customers who had a great experience.

For example, Luigi's Pizzeria saw review generation jump by 32% by sending simple review request emails to customers who had placed an order in the last 30 days. They offered a $5 off coupon code in the email which helped increase their response rate.

2. Add review links to your site and emails

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews by linking to your Google My Business and Yelp pages prominently on your website and in any confirmation/receipt emails. Place the links in spots customers will notice like headers, footers, or confirmation pages.

Italian restaurant Bella Vista increased their monthly reviews by 45% just by adding Google and Yelp review links to their order confirmation emails. The easier you make it, the more reviews you'll generate.

3. Monitor review sites and respond

Actively monitor new reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp etc. and make sure to respond professionally to any negative feedback. Being engaged builds trust. Offer to make things right for dissatisfied customers.

For example, a local bike shop managed to turnaround a negative 1-star Yelp review into a 5-star review by promptly responding to the complaint and providing excellent customer service to resolve the issue. This level of engagement looks great to potential customers.

business meeting with tablet

4. Claim review site listings

Manage your business listings on any relevant local review sites like Yelp and optimize them fully with photos, detailed info, menus etc. This makes it more likely for customers to review you. Keep listings updated across all sites.

5. Promote reviews on social media

Spotlight great reviews from happy customers on your social pages. This shows you value feedback and encourages more customers to engage. Ask satisfied customers to post reviews publicly.

Getting more high-quality local reviews takes effort but pays off tremendously in higher local pack rankings. Aim for over 30+ reviews and keep the momentum going. Local SEO success depends on reviews!



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