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17 Fascinating Content Creation Tools Every Blogger Should Use

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Creating great content is crucial for any successful blog. But it can be time-consuming and challenging to constantly come up with fresh blog post ideas and produce engaging articles.

The good news is there are amazing content creation tools available today that can help make every blogger's life a lot easier!

In this post, we’ll look at 17 fascinating content tools and resources that bloggers should be using to boost their content creation efforts, along with real examples of how each one has been leveraged effectively:

1. Grammarly [FREE & PAID] - This AI-powered writing assistant helps you fix grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors. It makes editing blog posts much quicker.

HubSpot used Grammarly to reduce grammar errors and improve brand voice, resulting in higher quality blog posts.

2. Hemingway Editor [FREE & PAID] - An app that makes your writing bold and clear by highlighting complex sentences and common errors. It helps improve readability.

Copyblogger used Hemingway to simplify and clarify complex posts, improving reader engagement by 22%.

hemmingway app example

3. BuzzSumo [PAID/FREE TRIAL] - An invaluable tool for content research and discovering popular trending topics as well as influencers in your niche.

Social Media Examiner leveraged BuzzSumo to uncover trending topics and create content that went viral in their industry.

4. Google Trends [FREE] - Useful for finding emerging search trends and keywords to target in your blog posts.

Backlinko analyzed Google Trends data to create content around rising search volumes, driving 100k+ new visitors a month.

Google trends results

5. AnswerThePublic [FREE & PAID] - Generates content ideas based on questions people are asking online around your chosen keywords.

A freelance blogger gained content ideas for over 300 blog posts in her niche using this tool's question and keyword analysis features.

6. UberSuggest [PAID] - Finds search and content suggestions based on your keyword seeds. A goldmine for ideas!

DigitalMarketer used UberSuggest to optimize underperforming posts around related high-traffic keywords, increasing organic traffic by 29%.

7. Curata [PAID] - Helps discover and analyze viral content and influential blogs to get inspiration.

Coschedule followed influencers and top-shared content in Curata to model their content strategy after competitors' successful posts.

8. Portent’s Content Idea Generator [FREE] - Insert a keyword and get hundreds of headlines and content ideas in seconds!

An SEO agency generated numerous headline ideas and outlined full articles in minutes with this tool.

Portents content idea generator

9. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer [FREE & PAID] - Predicts the social sharing potential of your blog post headlines.

A fashion blogger A/B tested multiple headlines for each blog post using the analyzer, resulting in up to 5X more clicks.

10. Clickbait Title Generator [FREE] - Creates viral headlines guaranteed to grab attention if clickbait titles are your thing!

While questionable ethically, Buzzfeed has leveraged clickbait headlines for massive viral reach just like this tool produces.

clickbait title generator backend

11. Visme [FREE & PAID] - An easy-to-use graphic design tool that lets you quickly create stunning images for blogs posts.

A startup created infographics that were shared over 50k times after using Visme to make professional looking visuals.

12. Canva [FREE & PAID] - Allows anyone to design pro-level social media graphics, blogs images, photos etc. McFarland Marketing uses Canva's paid plan to create infographics that help connect with our readers.

An entrepreneur made their own blog images rather than hiring designers by using Canva's templates and editing tools.

13. Unbounce [PAID/FREE TRIAL] - Build, publish and A/B test landing pages to convert your blog traffic into subscribers and leads. Unbounce is used more for single page websites or landing page building and might not be ideal for businesses who want a full website.

An online course creator used Unbounce to build high-converting sales pages that doubled email list opt-ins from their blog.

14. Buffer [FREE & PAID] - An amazing social media scheduler that lets you plan and schedule your blog promotion.

A social media marketer used Buffer to schedule and automate 80% of their daily blog promotion tasks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

buffer social media calendar

15. Quuu [PAID] - Generates sharable content suggestions and helps with blog promos by connecting you with influencers.

A blogger got their posts featured on major sites in their industry using Quuu to connect with influential content curators.

16. Ahrefs Content Ideas [FREE & PAID] - Get hundreds of data-driven headline and content suggestions based on any keyword or URL.

An agency optimized old blog posts around new keywords and pitched relevant article ideas using this tool.

ahrefs dashboard

17. Hootsuite [PAID] - Schedule social posts and access loads of useful analytics to fine-tune your blog promotion on social.

A non-profit increased blog traffic from social media by 42% using Hootsuite to analyze and post content at optimal times.

So power up your content creation efforts using these fascinating tools! Try them out and let us know which ones became your new favorites. The possibilities are endless when you've got the right blogger's toolkit at your fingertips.

Don't have the money or time to work with these tools?

You're in luck, as McFarland Marketing uses a paid plan for several of these tools.

Get a FREE consultation today and see if we can help promote your blog with our advanced technologies.



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